What To Eat After Diarrhea?

Common causes of diarrhea include eating and drinking cold gastrointestinal infections such as emotional stress, but also because of diarrhea caused by specific foods (such as Lactose intolerance Diarrhea patients will drink milk.) If you have the habit of diarrhea, they should assess the reasons for medical treatment. Acute diarrhea is a part of the body defense mechanism, but also clean the stomach, a good way to discharge dirt. But a lot of water and diarrhea cause electrolyte loss, if not added, there will be danger of dehydration exhaustion. Drinking sports drinks is a good way to add electrolyte, when medical doctors will drip-fed saline water electrolyte solution.

Alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, can also speed up the recovery from the use of our ancestors began to use the rice water and yogurt has been a very red. Conducive to rice soup diarrhea, can also add some heat;. Diarrhea improved, from the salty porridge (which can be put away soft and tender stems of leafy vegetables, melons, and tenderness of the meat without tendons, etc.) and start yogurt, yogurt is one of the lactic acid bacteria with to inhibit other bacteria cause diarrhea breeding long. Depending on the circumstances gradually returned to normal diet. During this period are advised to avoid excessive fat coffee, tea and wine ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ ice cream, spicy condiment intake, food should not be excessive, to avoid increasing the burden of gastroenteritis.

To prevent acute diarrhea, the most important thing is attention to food hygiene, it should avoid eating, hot pot for a class of things or eat better. Diarrhea should not be cooked, can cause contamination of food pathogens. If the diarrhea is due to the situation because of lactose intolerance, milk intake should begin testing a small amount, such as 15-30c.c, if there is no problem slowly increased, also by yogurt (because of low content of lactose) or commercial low-lactose milk instead.

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