If you have diarrhea often, what to eat and what to avoid?

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The causes of diarrhea include: viruses, eating unclean food, stress, excessive drinking, drugs, a class of antibiotics. In addition, the drink untreated water, the water will invade intestine with Giardia lamblia or other parasites, amoeba and so on.

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What can you do?

Do not eat solid food before, so that the digestive tract a rest.

The first few hours of diarrhea, diarrhea medicine should not take the market; let your digestive system self-excluded cause. If you eat a diarrhea medicine, did not consult the doctor before, do not themselves take more than a day or two.

Drink some hot drinks light (water, tea or broth), sports drinks, carbonated drinks away gas (ginger ale, cola or other soft drinks have not sparkling). The first few hours to drink a few drinks, and then, as you can afford the level of the stomach to increase the consumption volume.

If you’re after drinking, no more diarrhea, you can eat some moderate, will eat foods such as bananas, white rice, toast bread.

In fully recovered before, do not drink or milk, or eat dairy products or foods rich in fiber, such as lettuce salad and fruit.

If you have diarrhea is very serious, be careful cause dehydration, symptoms include a very dry mouth, sticky saliva, decreased urine output, and dark yellow. You can buy drinks to restore body fluids or sports drinks to replenish lost water and minerals.

When to seek medical

If you have the following cases, immediately to the emergency department:

Diarrhea accompanied by severe abdominal cramps, dizziness, chills, vomiting or fever over 38.3 degrees Celsius.

Severe dehydration, such as thirst, sticky saliva, dizziness, weakness, dark yellow urine. Dehydration particularly dangerous for the elderly and young children.

If you have the following, please see a doctor as soon as possible:

Fecal blood or like media focus, or with mucus or worms (some drugs and iron can also cause black stools, then do not worry).

If you have the following situation, please call telephone medical advice or medical treatment:

Frequent diarrhea, or diarrhea after taking certain medications.

Diarrhea continued more than two days (last only one day children under three years old, infants under six months, when more than eight hours continuously).

During the trip untreated drinking water is not clean.

If diarrhea and constipation alternating weeks to appear, you may be suffering from an irritable bowel syndrome, Or colon cancer (less likely).

Prevention of Road

Avoid eating the food knowing that the body can not absorb.

When traveling abroad, drink only boiled water and canned or bottled beverages, do not put ice cubes in beverages. Eat fruit or vegetables before you peel. Do not eat the food left too long.

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