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What Your Doctor Wont Tell You About Digestive Pain

The causes of diarrhea include: viruses, eating unclean food, stress, excessive drinking, drugs, a class of antibiotics. In addition, the drink untreated water, the water will invade intestine with Giardia lamblia or other parasites, amoeba and so on.

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Imodium Diarrhea Medicine
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Imodium Diarrhea Medicine

Diarrhea Question : I am suffering from acute diarrhea and one of my friend suggested using Norflox, is it safe? Can I use the diarrhea medicine to treat acute diarrhea.

Diarrhea Answer:
Try Jhaverian’s Jeevan Mixture. Keep some fenugrik seed soaked in curd overnight and drink the curd early morning. If you are not getting relief,go to your Doctor. Norflox is especially meant to treat acute diarrhea, i have used it and have a pretty good experience using the diarrhea medicine.

Your friend might be right but only antibiotic is not the treatment for diarrhea. Take ofloxasine ornidazol combination drug. Also, try not to use diarrhea medicine if not necessary. Drink more water may help to cure your diarrhea.

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Diarrhea Medicine For Adults
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