Diarrhea Diet

Diarrhea Of ​​The Diet

Study: British raw food therapy class teacher Ouyang
Diarrhea, but the body’s defense function, when the intestinal bacterial infection by the virus, the diarrhea quickly the way of these pathogens out of the body, even those who think they have too much pent-up body waste, deliberately take some laxatives, to carry out cleaning the body.
When the diarrhea, we determined that detoxification? Or sick? If diarrhea descendants feel suddenly relaxed, comfortable body, which is the detoxification of diarrhea, of course, is a good thing, but if it is diarrhea, the anus, mouth pain, abdominal discomfort, people feel unable to collapse, there is no strength, the situation is gastrointestinal disease, may be chronic diarrhea, or acute diarrhea.
Comparison of intractable chronic benefits, many reasons, may be digested and absorbed dysfunction, or chronic intestinal inflammation, or colonic mucosal allergy, or poor intestinal bacteria breeding, or nerve of diarrhea … and so on, about the symptoms of diarrhea a day low frequency, abdominal Ming, abdominal distension and produce pain, painful defecation, abdominal, the chronic diarrhea, in addition to medical drugs, but more important is diet nursed back to health, to take the following three principles:
1. Avoid drinking cold drinks, eat cold food, eat less food and fiber through thick non-digestible food.
2. When eating slowly.
3. Eat foods high in nutrition, in order to add strength.
But the infection of E. coli in acute diarrhea, dysentery bacteria, viral, etc., caused by acute inflammation of the large intestine, or eat too much, catch a cold, it will also lead to acute diarrhea, symptoms of diarrhea than ten times a day will make a serious loss of body water, then be quick to add water, electrolytes and vitamins, the best drink is a natural vegetable juice, apple juice, fruit juice with high C – and so, can these natural vegetable juice beverage, fresh off a premature end of therapy, to help the body clear intestinal detoxification and then it’s symptomatic of natural food, gradual improvement in diarrhea, normal bowel movements.
The so-called dayVegetable juice fasting, Practices as follows:
1. Breakfast, clean blood to drink vegetable juice
Approach: the carrot 1 large celery Z slices, 1 tomato, lemon I were, two green peppers, washed and squeeze juice (juice with a separate machine).

2. Lunch, drink apple juice
Approach: the three apples peeled and cut, with separate juicer squeeze juice.

3. Dinner drink fruit juice with high C
Method: 2 oranges and 1 lemon, first slashing the skin to retain white pork skin, then cut with a separate juicer to squeeze juice of grapes will be 25 (Kyoho species native to Taiwan) to sub-peeled grapes meat and then lemon juice and orange juice machine with mixed evenly.

4. When thirsty between meals to rice soup as a daily drink
Practice: the rice into the pot to low heat Fried (without oil) 30 minutes, then 8 times with water (water: m = 8:1), boil, a small fire continued to cook for 20 minutes, once the rice residue filter, the can soup.

5. Fresh off the day before to make less food preparation, food minus the fifth is about to eat, and eating light (less fat, salt and sugar), forbidden to eat all the hobby (such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, betel nuts, snacks, etc.)

After fasting for a day refeeding, which only eat low-fiber foods (such as papaya and mud, brown rice porridge, oatmeal, vegetables, mud ‥, etc.), and the limit of five full, every OK to eat slowly, refeeding on the same day must also be eating light, forbidden to eat all the hobby.
Diet to restore the so-called symptomatic, practices are as follows:
(Either chronic diarrhea or acute diarrhea are applicable to all-day style recipes for more details)
1. Am 6: O0: (1) lemonade or (2) Health vinegar, alternating between the two drinks.
2. 8:00 am: Millet gruel (millet + yam + dates + plum).
3. 10:00 am: (1) pineapple or (2) Apple, alternating between the two to eat.
4. 12:00 pm: (1) dry whole-wheat noodles (whole wheat pasta + garlic + Dougu large white radish + + carrot + tomato + chives) and (2) Shan Yao Tang, both to eat.
5. 15:00 pm: (1) diluted vinegar solution or (2) yogurt (yogurt + apple + natural salt) alternating between the two to eat.
6. 16:30 pm: Radish juice.
7. 18:00 pm: (1) Cereal porridge (yam bean + psyllium + + millet + dates) and (2) chives scrambled eggs, alternating between the two to eat.
8. 20:00 pm: (1) pineapple or (2) Apple, alternating between the two to eat.
9. Daily Drink: (1) purslane tea or (2) bean soup (mung bean + psyllium + water).
Recipes practice notes:
1 .- (1) lemonade: a lemon juice diluted in cold water 500c. c. .
1 .- (2) Health vinegar: vinegar health, including vinegar, lemon vinegar, apple vinegar, plum vinegar, raw vinegar … 50cc diluted in cold water 500c.c..
2. Small rice: (a) millet 50g, Chinese yam 50g, red dates 5 to 10, water boiled thin. (B) eat, plus a plum, while eating.
3. Pineapples and apples: peeled directly are eating pineapple to eat pellets 1 / 4, then eat an apple.
4 .- (1) whole-wheat dry surface:
(A) cooked whole wheat noodles first, drain the pot.
(B) of the carrot and white radish were planing into filaments, diced tomatoes.
(C) of the leeks and cut into sections and Dougu 1 tsp fried pot together with a little olive oil.
(D) and then whole wheat noodles, carrots, white radish, diced tomatoes with roasted leeks together Dougu, stir, serve.
4 .- (2) Shan Yao Tang: The fresh yam (about 4 two), add boiling Cheng Tang, seasoning as light.
5 .- (1) diluted vinegar: vinegar is about 30 ~ 50c.c., diluted in cold water 200c.c.
5 .- (2) sour cream: The flavor of the yogurt 200c.c., add apple (discretionary), and the natural salt, mix a little bit, you can eat.
7 .- (1) cereals porridge: green beans 50g, plantain seed 30g, Chinese yam (fresh) 50g, millet 50g, red dates 5 to 10, plus hydration boiled gruel.
9 .- (1) yogurt: the dry purslane (grass available for sale) 60g, water 1000c.c. Boil, a small fire continued to cook for 20 minutes, you can drink.
9 .- (2) cereals porridge: green beans 50g and 30g Plantago water 1000c.c., Boil, a small fire continued to cook for 45 minutes, mainly soup, green beans and Plantago can eat.
If children Jiuxie, you can use 1. Brown sugar and sesame sauce and 2. Sweet millet porridge, to be nursed back to health, will soon be back in practice as follows:
1. Sesame Brown Sugar Sauce:
Pure sesame (black and white) 2 tablespoons brown sugar with direct modulation were Banchi (Do not add water or something else), can be fed.

2. Sweet millet porridge:
Millet (Department of glutinous rice, millet and not the birds eat) 50g, do not wash the pot Fried directly (without oil) fry to brown yellow small fire (about 20 ~ 3O minutes), then add water 300c.c., brown sugar Banchi , boil, a small fire continued to cook for 20 minutes to hot food to soup-based.

This article introduces the beginning, some people carried the body in order to clean-up, deliberately eat laxatives to excrete waste smoldering body, where physical harm is a natural laxative, I suggest meeting burdock juice available, this is easy nor the side effects of laxatives drawn , practices as follows:
Burdock juice:
Fresh burdock 5 10, the first salt water soak for 5 minutes, then wash clean, cut into small pieces, and then by sub-boiling water, rinse off, you can juice, squeeze the juice with a separate 500 ~ 700c.c., Do not dilute, squeeze the juice immediately after drinking moment, so of black, drink about 1 hour, they are ready to begin toilet, a little faster, otherwise it will too late, drink burdock juice daily were to choose, usually do not try to go to work, to avoid making a scene.

If you have diarrhea often, what to eat and what to avoid?

What Your Doctor Wont Tell You About Digestive Pain

The causes of diarrhea include: viruses, eating unclean food, stress, excessive drinking, drugs, a class of antibiotics. In addition, the drink untreated water, the water will invade intestine with Giardia lamblia or other parasites, amoeba and so on.

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What can you do?

Do not eat solid food before, so that the digestive tract a rest.

The first few hours of diarrhea, diarrhea medicine should not take the market; let your digestive system self-excluded cause. If you eat a diarrhea medicine, did not consult the doctor before, do not themselves take more than a day or two.

Drink some hot drinks light (water, tea or broth), sports drinks, carbonated drinks away gas (ginger ale, cola or other soft drinks have not sparkling). The first few hours to drink a few drinks, and then, as you can afford the level of the stomach to increase the consumption volume.

If you’re after drinking, no more diarrhea, you can eat some moderate, will eat foods such as bananas, white rice, toast bread.

In fully recovered before, do not drink or milk, or eat dairy products or foods rich in fiber, such as lettuce salad and fruit.

If you have diarrhea is very serious, be careful cause dehydration, symptoms include a very dry mouth, sticky saliva, decreased urine output, and dark yellow. You can buy drinks to restore body fluids or sports drinks to replenish lost water and minerals.

When to seek medical

If you have the following cases, immediately to the emergency department:

Diarrhea accompanied by severe abdominal cramps, dizziness, chills, vomiting or fever over 38.3 degrees Celsius.

Severe dehydration, such as thirst, sticky saliva, dizziness, weakness, dark yellow urine. Dehydration particularly dangerous for the elderly and young children.

If you have the following, please see a doctor as soon as possible:

Fecal blood or like media focus, or with mucus or worms (some drugs and iron can also cause black stools, then do not worry).

If you have the following situation, please call telephone medical advice or medical treatment:

Frequent diarrhea, or diarrhea after taking certain medications.

Diarrhea continued more than two days (last only one day children under three years old, infants under six months, when more than eight hours continuously).

During the trip untreated drinking water is not clean.

If diarrhea and constipation alternating weeks to appear, you may be suffering from an irritable bowel syndrome, Or colon cancer (less likely).

Prevention of Road

Avoid eating the food knowing that the body can not absorb.

When traveling abroad, drink only boiled water and canned or bottled beverages, do not put ice cubes in beverages. Eat fruit or vegetables before you peel. Do not eat the food left too long.

What To Eat After Diarrhea?

Common causes of diarrhea include eating and drinking cold gastrointestinal infections such as emotional stress, but also because of diarrhea caused by specific foods (such as Lactose intolerance Diarrhea patients will drink milk.) If you have the habit of diarrhea, they should assess the reasons for medical treatment. Acute diarrhea is a part of the body defense mechanism, but also clean the stomach, a good way to discharge dirt. But a lot of water and diarrhea cause electrolyte loss, if not added, there will be danger of dehydration exhaustion. Drinking sports drinks is a good way to add electrolyte, when medical doctors will drip-fed saline water electrolyte solution.

Alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, can also speed up the recovery from the use of our ancestors began to use the rice water and yogurt has been a very red. Conducive to rice soup diarrhea, can also add some heat;. Diarrhea improved, from the salty porridge (which can be put away soft and tender stems of leafy vegetables, melons, and tenderness of the meat without tendons, etc.) and start yogurt, yogurt is one of the lactic acid bacteria with to inhibit other bacteria cause diarrhea breeding long. Depending on the circumstances gradually returned to normal diet. During this period are advised to avoid excessive fat coffee, tea and wine ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ ice cream, spicy condiment intake, food should not be excessive, to avoid increasing the burden of gastroenteritis.

To prevent acute diarrhea, the most important thing is attention to food hygiene, it should avoid eating, hot pot for a class of things or eat better. Diarrhea should not be cooked, can cause contamination of food pathogens. If the diarrhea is due to the situation because of lactose intolerance, milk intake should begin testing a small amount, such as 15-30c.c, if there is no problem slowly increased, also by yogurt (because of low content of lactose) or commercial low-lactose milk instead.

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