Diarrhea Causes and Symptoms

What Is Diarrhea? Why Did It Happen?

Diarrhea is the increased frequency of bowel movements and is water will, one day more than three times greater than in the diarrhea, intestinal mucosal cells to secrete excess water and electrolytes, and water and electrolytes is important for body function, if the diarrhea is beyond the control of dehydration, sodium, potassium imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, so nurses need to know how to control diarrhea.

Diarrhea in cancer patients easily, usually due to hormones interfere with the tumor cells of normal intestinal absorption and motility, or because of radiation, chemotherapy caused by intestinal cells due to injury and inflammation, so they can not absorb nutrients, water and electrolytes to transported to the blood circulation. The surface becomes smooth in the intestine because they want to absorb the rapid motility, intestinal damage is also often the curse of infection caused by the body.

Also, most of the antibiotics will cause diarrhea, other drugs, food or food products and the pressure can also cause diarrhea or even more serious.

Nurses need to assess the health effects of diarrhea, for example, using the toilet and frequent bleeding hemorrhoids, colic, weakness and other conditions interfere with the quality of life, severe diarrhea and sometimes make cancer treatment interruption.

Diarrhea how to do?

Rehydration, but not to drink carbonated beverages.

Avoid caffeine drinks, due to increased diarrhea.

Avoid milk or dairy food, because lactose intolerance is often the reason for renewal of diarrhea.

Use of heat in the abdomen will feel comfortable, rest stored energy, warm water bath to maintain skin integrity and to maintain anal anal area clean, wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet to reduce the spread of infection.

Do not eat too little food.

Note that the food will cause diarrhea, diarrhea, avoid or prevent recurrence of careful eating.

Eating high potassium foods such as bananas, mashed potatoes to supplement the loss due to diarrhea, the potassium ion.

Avoid food containing spices, fatty foods, do not eat raw vegetables, fruits to reduce intestinal irritation.

Use of cardamom in order to reduce peristalsis.

Should inform you of the following conditions of nurses:

A fever

Severe colic

Increased frequency and volume of diarrhea

When feeling very weak

Blood in stool, Pus, mucous membrane when

When not eating or drinking

Essential to the doctor or nurse you know that you take any drugs that cause diarrhea.

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