Chronic And Acute Diarrhea

Difference Between Chronic Diarrhea and Acute Diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea:

Chronic diarrhea caused by many reasons, such as parasitic infections, food allergies, inflammatory bowel disorders such. The most common reason is the so-called “post-enteritis diarrhea syndrome more,” that although the good of acute enteritis, acute inflammation of the intestinal wall is no longer a phenomenon, but because of severe intestinal damage, resulting in intestinal cells containing some of the double followed the decline in the number of sugar *, of which the most significant lack of lactose *. Because lactose *, mostly in the top of the microvilli of small intestine, intestinal mucosa is destroyed when the brunt, so this time as long as the drinking formula containing lactose, it is easy due to inability to fully digest lactose, causing indigestion and diarrhea. So the more pull the more drink, the more the longer pull.

This situation must use a special formula as lactose-free milk to stop diarrhea, but more patients with chronic diarrhea, intestinal mucosal damage is more severe intestinal recovery time required for longer. In addition, some because of chronic diarrhea caused by milk protein allergy, the best kind of baby is breastfeeding, if problems should use hydrolyzed protein to be fed formula.

Acute diarrhea:

Beginning of autumn has passed, but the last few days or continuous high-temperature hot, many people still like the Tan Liang as the dog days, to open-air swimming pool, naked sleeping mat, watching the results to the hospitalAllergic rhinitis, Cervical spondylosis, the habit of diarrhea patients was significantly increased. Experts remind that readily yield to the temptation now will be to settle the body back, “Summer debt.” High temperature caused by irritability, loss of appetite, poor sleep, such activities to reduce and Tan Liang catch cold, these potential damage to the micro burst out after the weather is cool.

Air Conditioning Open every day low nasal

Recently, many hospitals often encountered in patients with facial features such private prosecution: “Air conditioning was opened, on a cold』 『every day, especially in the morning is particularly serious.” In fact, this is not cold, but often allergic rhinitis.

Every summer and autumn when the transition is the frequency of allergic rhinitis season. Daytime high temperature, night temperature is low, then increase the temperature difference between day and night, with many people also often air conditioning, indoor and outdoor temperature close to 10 ℃, many people will frequent sneezing, playing until the headache, chest pain, and stomach ache.

[Responses] indoor and outdoor temperature controlled at 5 ℃ in

Shuguang Hospital ENT Dr. Jiang Mengsui told reporters that the typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis are paroxysmal nasal itching, sneezing, water-like nose and nasal congestion. In addition, pale nasal mucosa can be found, was edematous, sometimes accompanied by a large number of water-like nose.

Experts advise, summer and fall season, the prevention of allergic rhinitis should be noted that the indoor air temperature, such as: indoor and outdoor temperature should be controlled within at 5 ℃, the best indoor air temperature at 26 ℃ to 28 ℃, the temperature difference can be avoided so that the nasal mucosa be stimulated to reduce the mucositis. Air conditioning in every 3 to 4 hours after the ventilation window in time to enhance air circulation. In the room, you can also put some water with a cup, to provide adequate indoor temperature and humidity. Also, note that air conditioning not blowing directly at the person’s face, to avoid catching the cold.

In addition, air conditioning, if long-term does not wash, it may be “allergic sources.” The consequent elimination of allergic rhinitis, should be cleaned air conditioning, light diet, try to stay away from home all kinds of allergies.

Easy to damage the health of the outdoor open-air swimming

Zhang has always been good at swimming yesterday about the water to swim, even leg cramps. After inspection, turned out to be Zhunbeihuodong inadequate results because of the water cooler, and stimulate the blood vessels and nerves, causing leg nerve twitch.

Significantly different from the beginning of autumn weather after the summer, the waters will open a lot cooler than the original. As the body temperature can not be hard getting used to, it is prone to cramps and cold. Thus, for most people, in the case of physical fitness is not very strong, in addition to high temperature in summer in the open air “wild swimming”, but in other seasons, especially after the beginning of autumn, should not then outdoor swimming.

Solution: make more Zhunbeihuodong before swimming

First of all, swimming, going to regular swimming pool. Swimming, the water temperature generally lower than body temperature, may be suffering from a cold. Therefore, before launching as a shower, and the body to adapt to water temperature. If lack of sleep, fatigue, or emotional, are not suitable for swimming. Cooler weather, swimming in front of Zhunbeihuodong is important because temperature and water temperature varied widely, you must first shore running, jumping, and exercise, activities, joints, skin friction and body to make joint flexibility, muscle relaxation, the body heat. In addition, the swimming time can not, like the summer, long soak in the water. Ashore to rest, should pay attention to body heat, and light the appropriate drink syrup.

Stripped trouble sleeping mat cervical pain

Recently, the Chinese medicine clinic in the cervical spine of patients more than a few years not only because of snooze mat in summer, while excessive use of air conditioning, fans, or at night over Tan Liang, Figure de vivre, leaving the cervical cold by cold disease caused by autumn. Severe patients, in addition to limited neck mobility, but also accompanied by dizziness, nausea, upper limb numbness, blurred vision and so on.

The number of outpatient bowel habit in the admissions of patients with diarrhea, causes disease in the inquiry, also found that many of them associated with the upper body after the autumn light sleeping habits. They agreed that, having been the beginning of autumn, but still very hot at night, stripped to the waist for maximum sleeping mat can feel cool.

[Measures] the weak air conditioning to sleep sheets

Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital, director of a wide-Yin told reporters that this habit is very unhealthy. Sleeping bare upper body, physical contact mat, the cold and heat all of a sudden imbalance in the body, blood vessels cause decreased blood supply, can easily lead to gastrointestinal tract, neurological disorders, which damage the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea habits.

Experts suggest that hot summer night sleep should also be put on pajamas, can absorb moisture, but also to prevent the cold, recurrent diarrhea. Meanwhile, the physical weakness of the people not to sleep on mats, mahjong seats, and mats should be selected or linen seats. If the weak air conditioning to sleep, you can spread a sheet on the mat. In addition, exposure to cold cold, cold, weak constitutions, there are abscess and other skin diseases, diabetes and infants and young children are not sleeping mat.

Anti-diarrhea autumn autumn eating watermelon

After the beginning of autumn weather is getting cool, man appetites. But Miss Lee just eat a few mouthfuls of watermelon yesterday, began to frequent diarrhea. Recently, intestinal constant stream of out-patients in acute diarrhea, and some even more than 10 bowel movements a day, accompanied by abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, dehydration and so on. Huashan Hospital, Department of intestinal only have more than 20 patient visits per day.

As just had the hot summer months, eating foods likely to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, the virus may take advantage of the invasion, making a fall of the most common diarrhea diseases. As many reasons can cause acute diarrhea, diarrhea caused by different pathogens are different clinical manifestations.

[Responses] do not eat raw food diet

Yin said there is wide director for acute diarrhea, general use of antimicrobial drug treatment, when the disease control can be disabled after. Rather than the general performance of bacterial infections, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sweat, stool like water, nor heat, nor bacteria in stool test. No drug treatment in general, more rest, drink plenty of water.

Experts suggest that the control diet, find out with inappropriate diet is to avoid an important means of gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, they need to pay attention to food hygiene, especially in frail, cold, fever and decreased immune function, the firm does not eat half-baked foods, do not eat spoiled or flies, cockroaches and contaminated food. Wash their hands before meals and after done, wash raw fruits and more than a few times to use water, or peeled before eating. After a cold day to promote proper bowel eating watermelon and other fruits, utensils should be boiled disinfection time.

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